Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Playing with new toys

I'm posting a card made with some new toys I picked up at the Scrapbook Convention last Saturday (where I showed great restraint, by the way!) over at Quietfire Design today.  I hope you get a chance to pop on over and show me some love.  :)  And I cannot wait to play with all my other goodies... but it's the first day of summer for my kids so no quiet peaceful time to myself anymore.  Yay for Legos and books!

Here's a sneak peak of my latest creation:


  1. Hi Diana!
    Thanks for stopping by Word Art Wednesday this morning. I'm going to TRY to answer your question. I don't know any theological answer to your question, but this is my guess......In the beginning of the verse, where it says "HE", it is referring to verse 7 that says, "Blessed is the MAN". So, he refers to the man. Then, is verse 8 where it says, "HER", it is referring to the tree. Where is says "spreadeth out HER roots", it is talking about the tree, which is only a metaphor that is implying the man, while talking about the tree. This is my guess - that when it was originally translated from the original text (Hebrew or Greek), it was most like written that way. For example, in the Spanish language, EVERYTHING is either male or female (la bonita is female and el banyo is male). So, I'm guessing it was translated in that way. I hope this helps, but if you want me to, I can find out if that is correct. Thanks again for stopping by.

  2. You really were restrained; I can vouch for you. Wish it had rubbed off, but I have made 3.5 cards since then, a record given my lack of child-free time plus emergencies!


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