Friday, January 30, 2015

Quietfire Sneak Peek and Bible Journaling

Happy Friday to you!  This post is more personal that my others but in this way, I hope to be more accountable as well as share something exciting.

Late last year, someone posted a picture of her Bible and she had drawn in it what the verse meant to her.  I thought that was neat but I don't draw in my Bible.  I might carefully highlight and maybe write a word or two in the margin but I'm so OCD I do not like to mess up my Bible. Then this month, I encountered 3 more instances of people drawing or journaling in their Bible as well as a community on facebook that does this.  It's similar in feeling to when you read a Bible Verse on Saturday, the pastor teaches about it on Sunday, the kids have it for their memory verse of the week, and then some other person mentions the same verse.  And you think..."Oh, I think God is trying to tell me something!"  Like "Read the Bible more!"  My devotional time is sporadic at best but I am rather consistent in going to my craft room to play and create.  And though I do try to glorify God in my cards, I need to get back into His Word more.  And I think this is a way to combine both getting into the Bible more and still be creating.  Although I am doing it for myself right now, I think it would be wonderful to pass along such a personal Bible to the kids one day.  A speaker at a retreat once said she reads through the Bible each year.  Each year she rotates through different Bibles, making notes and prayers in them for each specific child.  What a wonderful gift one day!  Though I don't think I'll be illustrating in 4 Bibles, I love the thought of leaving a similar legacy.  What do you think?

Here is the first page I did.  I admit I was pretty nervous and instead of using my own lettering, I used my new stamp seLOVE - Fill 'er Up  from Quietfire Design. I did write some in my Micron Pen and coloring was done by watercolor pencils.

Diana Nguyen, Bible, art, journaling, illustrated faith, Quietfire Design

The Journaling Bible Community on facebook also has a weekly challenge as well as some wonderful support that helped me get started.  This week's Scripture is Psalm 98:4-6.  I am not too thrilled with my artwork but I thought I'd share it anyway to show you that it doesn't have to be perfect.  The point is that I'm getting into His Word.  Still would like it to be better though! :)

Diana Nguyen, Bible, art, journaling, illustrated faith

Here's some more pages that I did after I got more comfortable with doodling and lettering.

Diana Nguyen, Bible, art, journaling, illustrated faith

Diana Nguyen, Bible, art, journaling, illustrated faithDiana Nguyen, Bible, art, journaling, illustrated faith

If you're looking for a card, I got a couple posted on Quietfire Design's blog today!  

I'd love to hear from you and what you think!