Sunday, August 9, 2020

Welcome Home

Hello!  I'm part of a group blog post over on the Elizabeth Craft Designs blog page featuring "Miss you" projects.  As summer draws to a close, our last thing to do before it ends is to drive 17 hours to Arkansas and pick up my oldest son who spend the summer there with his grandmother and cousins.  Since this is a shy and introverted teenager we are talking about, I kept it very clean with lots of black - his favorite color. 
All the blue is from the same watercolor swatch I made in yesterday's post.  (I try to use up these type of scraps before they overwhelm the craft room.)  I also cut all of the dies from white card stock several times to bulk up the words as as adding that white sheen in the balloon.  It gave the dies a nice chip board look.  
The white contrasted nicely against the black for a nice shadow effect if you look at it an angle.
The final piece is 9"x 9" because the black background by itself did not stand up well. By adding another sheet of card stock, it strengthened it enough to stand on its own.

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  1. That's so cute that black is his favourite colour! Mine, too! Although I'm sure for different reasons... ;-)


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