Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Bible Journaling: Jeremiah

Hello!  Just popping in to share a couple of pages I did in my Bible for the book of Jeremiah.

I just love waterfalls - I think they are absolutely and amazing.  Now, I know there is a scientific explanation as to why there is a waterfall and that it does sometimes dry up but it's still wondrous to me.  We went to Niagara Falls this summer and have you seen how much water comes rushing down?  And it keeps coming and coming.... you'd think it would eventually empty itself.  And then I heard the song on the radio that has the lyrics "Your love never fails, it never runs out on me" and it just brought to mind the image of a waterfall.  It's powerful, it's overwhelming, and it's amazing.  So here's my take on Jeremiah 31:3.

Diana Nguyen, Bible Journaling, Illustrated Faith, Jeremiah

Of course I had to flip a couple more pages and illustrate another favorite verse in Jeremiah.  :)

Diana Nguyen, Bible Journaling, Illustrated Faith, Jeremiah

Both were done using Micron Pens, white gel pen, and coloring pencils.  Thanks so much for looking!