Friday, May 15, 2020

I need coffee

Now that my husband is working from home, we are going through our coffee three times as fast because he drinks twice as much as I do.  Fortunately, there has been no shortages of coffee.  It made me think of the different containers we drink our coffee in.  I have a floral butterfly cup, he drinks out of a heavy mug, and we rarely if ever go out and buy coffee from a coffee shop unless it is from a Vietnamese store.  If your first coffee is the Vietnamese drip coffee with condensed milk, all other coffee tastes like weak tea.  I digress - here's my card with the different ways to drink your coffee.

I embossed the cups from the two sets in black and used color pencils for the first two and Copic markers to draw the tiny flowers and leaves on the last cup.

Since I had the stamp sets out, I made another card using just the heart coffee container and embossed it in white on kraft card stock.  

I used color pencils and masking to create the background.

A ribbons and a postage style die cut highlighted my quote.  I glued together several layers of the frame in white and then used a red layer on top to tie it together with the colored hearts.

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But First, Coffee, Set of 8 Stamps - Mounted

Tea & Thee, Set of 7 Stamps - Mounted

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